Unboxing video of Nokia 105 4G and Nokia 110 4G

Nokia refreshed the basic feature phones Nokia 105 and Nokia 110 back in May. Both devices are coming in several variants and some have 4G connection capability which some might find useful. I haven’t noticed any unboxing videos of these devices, and I finally stumbled upon one which is done by Vy Vo Xuan.

Besides the classic unboxing, Vy Vo did a speaker and gaming test. I know that most will use this device for long calls, but some might enjoy a tune or two, and even play some game in between the calls, so this is a nice video :).

Both devices are rather nicely designed and the main difference between them is the VGA camera in 110 4G.


Check out the unboxing and a short test of the Nokia 105 5G.



Check the unboxing and a short test of the Nokia 110 4G.


Although I’m not a fan of this colour, I like the design of the 105 and 110. They bring me back to the old glory days of Nokia. Back then the design was carrying most of the phone’s identity, but the simplicity and usability of classic Nokia feature phones are what made me love them the most.

Raun Forsyth, the head of design at Nokia Mobile, did a nice blog about the love many still share about Nokia feature phones which you can read here. By the way, good to see Nokia Mobile is also in the blogging waters now 🙂