Florian Seiche Joins Board at INOI, maker of affordable smartphones

Florian Seiche - CEO of HMD Global

The former CEO of Nokia Mobile, Florian Seiche, left the company in October 2022. Jean-Francois Baril, the co-founder of HMD Global and Chairman of the board, took over his role. The exact reason for Florian’s departure wasn’t disclosed, but insights from FIHU’s 2022 financial report shed light on the situation. HMD needed to undergo its third business reorganization, necessitating a new CEO.

Florian took some time to explore new opportunities or didn’t immediately announce his next position. However, recently, he updated his LinkedIn profile, revealing that he has joined INOI’s board.


INOI is a company with Russian origins known for producing budget-friendly smartphones. These phones are typically designed and manufactured in collaboration with Chinese contract manufacturers before being sold under the INOI brand. This is evident in their rather familiar, generic appearance.

Notably, last October, INOI made a strategic move by leaving the Russian market and relocating to Estonia. This relocation was orchestrated by Sergey Fomin, the company’s founder, prior to the Ukraine conflict.

Back in 2017, INOI introduced a phone based on the Sailfish OS, developed by the Finnish company Jolla, with a focus on the Russian market. They also launched the Inoi Tab 8 tablet, running on the Sailfish-based Aurora OS. In later years, INOI expanded its offerings to include affordable Android phones in select markets.

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