Samsung to introduce true bezelless display. It should be available for all manufacturers

It seems that we have now reached a stage where the development of technology has made it possible to construct a display with literally no bezels, at least judging by a photo from a certain Samsung‘s internal presentation

The photo shows the concept of such a display, where the edge would be made – from itself. It may sound silly, but I really have no other way to describe it. Once this technology reaches the commercial stage, it will probably have to be made of a special type of glass or some other material, in order to avoid the damage to which it will definitely be exposed.

The commercial name of this technology is All-Around Full Screen. As an additional feature, it should bring the ability to scroll along the very edge in order to adjust the volume. Of course, similar to curved screens, it remains to be seen how convenient and usable it will be.

It may sound like science fiction at the moment, but just remember that we had the same thoughts when foldable displays were first introduced. Now, we can experience them in their fifth generation, and it doesn’t sound impossible anymore.

At the end of this story, we cannot ignore the recent rumor about an iPhone without bezels, that is, one of the next generations of Apple’s flagship, which could bring exactly this kind of screen. Given that Samsung is the leader in display development in the mobile industry, it is expected that they will ship something similar for all manufacturers who are interested in this kind of mobile phone concept.

Innovations like this one are certainly necessary for manufacturers to keep consumers interested in their products. Otherwise, global sales will continue to drop, since all phones already look almost the same.