Nokia Unveils Corteca to Boost Broadband

Nokia has introduced the new Corteca home connectivity software, aimed at providing operators with greater control over customers’ in-home connectivity experiences.

Corteca is a clever software by Nokia that works in the cloud and at your home. It helps operators make customers happier, earn more money, and save on costs. Nokia’s new software also brings a store full of apps that make money, and it teams up with other software makers. Nokia is the first to offer this solution using open-source software and industry rules. It’s perfect for working with different brands of equipment.

This software suite comprises three key components: a cloud-based intelligent controller (Corteca Cloud), an application marketplace (Corteca Applications), and software designed for gateways and Wi-Fi beacons (Corteca Device Software). Notably, Nokia had previously offered a Wi-Fi Cloud Controller, so the novel aspect of this announcement is the introduction of the app store.

Corteca has been in development at Nokia for some time, acknowledging that Wi-Fi has become a new bottleneck and a significant source of frustration. Nokia explained that the app store will enable operators to more effectively monetize their broadband networks by offering new services such as gaming optimizations, parental controls, firewalls, VPNs, and SD-WAN solutions.

I want to emphasize that ever since I began using Nokia Beacons, my home WiFi has been a source of seamless performance, alleviating all frustrations. If only Nokia beacons could be more commercially available.

Additionally, when considering the graphics and the features Corteca offers, the Nokia Pure design style released by accident in March 2023 appears more fitting than ever before.