WhatsApp now allows you to send HD videos

After introducing the HD photo-sending feature, WhatsApp for iOS and Android now allows the same for HD videos, Meta announced today. Any video you’ve been sending through this app so far would have been cut to 480p resolution, which is quite crappy if you consider the screen resolutions of today’s mobile devices.
In the latest version of WhatsApp, which should reach all users in the next few weeks, you will be able to send videos in standard (480p) and HD resolution, which in this case will be 720p. Although this is not what we expected, the difference on mobile phone displays will certainly be noticeable.
However, if you want to send a video in an even higher resolution, for example, 1080p or 4K, you can still send it in the form of a document, i.e. an attachment. Of course, this is a slightly more complex process, but you should always keep in mind that a higher resolution consumes more data, You should definitely pay attention if you’re using a carrier’s mobile data plan.